Everyone wants to get into the highest tier possible but it seems hard. We all get minuses because we die soon as we enter into the game. So, in this article, I will show you that how can you activate tier protection to jump higher as possible.

To activate tier protection you have to go to your inventory and look for the tier protection card. When you find this then click on it. It will make a tick mark on the card which means your tier protection is activated.

The above is just a simple answer to your question. But there are many more to learn about it and I will also show you the tier protection activating process with detail and images. So, read further to know many interesting facts and processes about it.

What is tier protection in PUBG?

What is tier protection card

PUBG works on a point system to push his players into the tiers. Each tier is set to a specific fixed point. When you touch that point then you get promoted to that tier. But in this system, it also has the rule of minus. Means if you perform badly in your classic matches then your points also get deducted. And point deduction means you will get demoted to your tiers.

For example, Suppose if you are in ace tier with points of 4210 and you play your next classic match with your friends and get killed very soon. And due to this, you get a minus of 30 points. So, this deducts your overall points to 4180 and you get demoted in tier from ace to crown.

So, Tier Protection is the power that works in your favor. It protects your points from getting deducted when you are playing with your friends. So, no need to worry if you are the first person in the game who got killed. Your points will be safe.

Let me tell you one thing that tier protection only works in duo and squad matches. It does not work in solo matches. So, do not try to test it in solo matches because it will make you cry. Be safe while playing solos.

Tip: It is the best time to push your tier up because you are not getting any minus.

This is how you can activate tier protection card in PUBG Mobile

Now you know what is tier protection. So, let me tell you that PUBG has made a card named tier protection card. When you activate this card then it starts your tier protection session for a single match if you get minus in it. I will let you know all the limitations of a tier protection card below so don’t worry.

Step 1: Go to the inventory

To activate the Tier Protection Card get in the lobby of the game. Now, click on your Inventory tab where you find all of your available stuff. It may be possible that you do not know where is your tier protection card. So, don’t worry dude or babe. I will let you know. 😉

Step 2: Select the box type icon

box type icon in inventory

So, you are in the inventory now. To find your tier protection card, click on the box type icon or section of the Inventory. This section is that place where you find all the extra things you get in the game. That place where you find all your coupons like crate coupons. By the way, you can look at the image which box I am talking about.

Step 3: Click on the tier protection card

Now the last and final step. Look for the tier protection card in inventory. If you do not find it here it means you do not have any. And if you find one or two or three, whatever number you find it’s your luck. 🙂 You just have to do one simple thing to activate it.

tier protection card

Click on it. Yes, you heard right baby, just click on it and your tier protection card is activated. Nothing else to do. When you click on it then it starts showing a tick mark on it. If you can see that right sign or the tick mark on your card in inventory then your tier protection is activated. you can enjoy your game now.

You have activated your tier protection card. But it has some limitations or some important facts you must know. So, read further to know all the limitations of a tier protection card.

Limitations of a Tier Protection Card

The tier protection card is great, right! But it has some limitations. You can say them limitations or some facts about this card. Whatever you say but the important point is you must know them. Because if you know them then you will not do the same silly mistakes which I have done.

  1. Tier Protection Card only works when you are playing with your friends. This means it will not work while you are playing with randoms.
  2. It only works in Duo and Squad matches. So, solos are not allowed.
  3. It is only effective in Crown Tier or below. So, you have to take a proper fight while you are in any higher tier.
  4. The Tier Protection Card will work for only one effective match. It means if you are playing the match and you get plus points then it will not be used. But if you got killed very soon and you got minus then the card will protect you and you will not get any minus. But this will use your activated card and your one card is gone. This card is one time usable.

So, These are all the information I know about Tier Protection Card. There can be many more but I think these are enough. If you think I have missed any then let me know in the comment. Have Fun guys. 😉

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