Being a leader of a crew is an awesome feeling. And to be a leader you get promoted to it or create your own crew. So, in this blog, I will show you how can you create your own awesome crew. After this, you will be the one who will kick someone out o allow someone to get in your crew because you are the great leader. To create a crew you have to follow the simple steps written below.

  1. Click the up arrow on the right-bottom side of the screen.
  2. Click the “Crew” button in the menu appearing
  3. Click “Create Crew” button
  4. Now type your crew name is the given blank.
  5. Next click the “Create” button.

So, now if you followed the above steps then you are the leader of a crew now. But the steps might be difficult to follow by words so I have created a whole step by step tutorial with images below. So, you can follow each step and get a detailed explanation of what you are doing in each step.

Steps to create your own new Crew in PUBG mobile

Step 1: Click the up arrow in the right-bottom side

Click the up arrow in right-bottom side

To create a crew in PUBG mobile, first, you have to be in the lobby. Now you can see an up arrow sign in the right-bottom side of the screen (the arrow is marked in image). You have to click on this up arrow. When you click this up arrow it opens a drop-down menu which opens in the upward direction.

Step 2: Click on “Crew” button

Click on "Crew" button

Now for the second step, you can see the drop-down menu opened on your screen. It has four options on it. Ignore all and just focus on the second option. We have to click the “Crew” option to create a new crew. When you click the crew option it opens a Create new crew menu.

Step 3: Click on “Create Crew” button

Click on "Create Crew" button

On the create crew menu you have two buttons to click. The first button is “Crew Shop”. By clicking the Crew Shop button you can buy some crew items in it. But you have to ignore the first option. Your targeted option is the second “Create Crew”. Click on the “Create Crew button”. After clicking the create crew button another menu will open.

Step 4: Type your crew name in the box

Type your crew name in the box

In this create crew menu you can see a blank option. In this blank, you have to type your crew name. I think you already have thought a great name for your crew and if not then start moving your mind for an awesome name. Because this name will be permanent for your crew.

While thinking about the crew name keep in mind that it has a limitation on 20 characters. So, your crew name should be between 20 characters. So, do not make a long sentence type name for your crew. Normally people do this type of funny things for fun.

When I was thinking about my crew name first then I was thinking to create a crew named “I will be your fucking daddy”. But this character limitation ruined my dream. So, do not try to do the same mistake which I was thinking. This is not going to work here. Make a good, short, and killer name for your crew.

Tip: Space is also counted as a character in the crew name.

Step 5: Click on “Create” button

Click on "Create" button

Now the final step of your crew creating. Click on the “Create” button. And finally, your crew is created. Now from here, you can invite anyone to join your crew and enjoy being the leader of the crew. But now the problem is how will you make anyone join your crew. So read below to know the next.

Invite someone to join your PUBG Mobile crew?

Invite someone to join your PUBG Mobile crew

If you have created your own crew then this is not enough. There is no meaning to have a crew with no member in it. There should be at least 4 members in your crew so that you can make your squad for the crew fight. So, to make anyone join your crew you have to invite him.

If you already have created your crew then go to the crew menu. When you are on the crew menu you can see a button named “Recruit” in yellow color. If PUBG changes its color in the future then I don’t know but it is still yellow. So, you have to click that recruit button and it will open a drop-down menu.

In this drop-down menu, you can invite your friends to join your crew. So start inviting and make your own crew complete for incredible fun.

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